Cynthia M. Magro, MD in her office ready to receive her slides and meet the trainees..

Jad Shabnam.jpg
Dr. Magro with her future fellow, Dr. Jad Saab and previous fellow, Dr. Shabnam Momtahen

Shabnam and Mary.jpg
Dr. Magro's previous 2016-2017 fellows, Dr Mary Le and Dr. Shabnam Momtahen

The division of Dermatopathology at Weill Cornell Medicine is pleased to announce the formation of the Diagnostic Gallery. We receive many outstanding and interesting cases originating from around the world including New York City, other states and our international colleagues. Morphology is at the heart of diagnosis and the purpose of the gallery is to provide high quality illustrations of diverse lesions akin to the random nature that we encounter them in our daily practices as pathologists. In this regard the cases are not at all thematic but accurately reflect the diversity of daily practice. They encompass "routine" cases well as those that reflect a more complex and unusual diagnosis. We are starting the gallery in real time with current cases as opposed to it being a retrospective. Dr. Jad Saab, our current chief resident in pathology, along with Dr. Shabnam Momtahen has been very instrumental in contributing to the gallery. I have always found that the picture captured microscopically is the first door that opens in our effort to understand a disease process, the fundamental and critical principle of medical practice. It is the explicit comprehension of a disease process based on pathologic assessment that defines the foundation of therapeutic success. We hope that the gallery defines a state of the art on line educational tool that will serve many.
Our Dermatopathologists are committed to teaching our medical students, residents and fellows, as well as contributing to the continuing medical education of practicing clinicians. At Weill Cornell, we have a very diverse patient population that allow for access to rare, complex, and interesting diagnostic cases.
To that end, we are pleased to provide a quarterly "Interesting Cases" feature on this website for your perusal. Additionally, we would be pleased to discuss any of these cases with you. Feel free to e-mail Dr. Cynthia Magro.