Dorsal Hand Sweet's Syndrome

ymphocytes, histiocytes, and neutrophils. There is, in fact, a predominance of mononuclear cells in apposition to vessels. Sweet's syndrome is an interesting consideration and certainly a possibility given the distinct zonation of the infiltrate (i.e. mononuclear cells in close apposition to vessels) while interstitial neutrophils are noted. Specifically, the angiocentric mononuclear cells are likely the cytokine source that leads to the secondary influx of neutrophils. There is some hemorrhage which might indicate some degree of vascular compromise. There is a unique variant of Sweet's syndrome that occurs on the dorsum of the hands oftentimes accompanied by vasculitic changes referred to as pustular vasculitis of the dorsum of the hand. In dorsal hand Sweet's syndrome, the disease associations are similar to conventional Sweet's syndrome.